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Our Projects

Our focus has been around improving Water, Waste, Farming & Livelihood.
Some of our key projects are:

Mission 10 Lac

Mission 10 Lac, Munger, Bihar, Soil and Soul Foundation

We're engaged in an ongoing effort to stabilize riverbanks in Munger, Bihar since Dec 2020. The objective is to limit the damages caused during floods, mainly - water contamination & soil erosion. The project is 100% crowdfunded.


So far, we have planted 1 Lac tree saplings of native varieties along the river Ganga. In addition, 5 Lac Vetiver grass slips have also been planted. Vetiver grass plantation is a natural and economically viable alternative to brick & mortar engineering solutions for soil retention. This technique is being widely used in Australia, South East Asia & parts of Africa.

The project has a direct impact on the livelihood of the local communities. Our inclusive approach encourages active participation of local communities, women, children, welfare groups & administration.

Bio-Enzymes for Agriculture

Application of Bio Enzyemes, Department of Bio Chemestry, Government College, DAW University, Indore, Research Program facilitated by Soil and Soul Founndation

​Soil and Soul Foundation is collaborating with the Dept of Bio-Chemistry  (Govt. Science College, DAVV University, Indore) on a research program.  The objective is to scientifically establish, through field trials - the effectiveness of the application of bio-enzymes on various crops.

This experiment is perhaps the first of its kind in the world. The key focus is to determine whether bio-enzymes can be a natural alternative to chemical-based nutrients and growth promoters.  

With our expertise in bio-enzymes, we have been appointed as a Consultant to guide this research program. At the moment, data concerning the health of the soil, plant growth  & immunity are being collected and analyzed.

Zero Waste Campus

Zero Waste Campus Program, Bangalore, India, Soil and Soul Founndation

Soil and Soul curated a year-long experiential learning program for a leading school in Bangalore. The idea was to create awareness & Eco-leadership about managing the waste generated in the school & homes.

The program involved all stakeholders – students, staff, management, parents & local administration. A thoughtfully designed curriculum with an emphasis on fun-filled, hands-on learning helped in bring the behavioral changes.

With this program, we were able to create awareness and a sense of responsibility towards Sustainable Living. This led to the creation of a zero-waste campus and huge lifestyle improvements among the stakeholders.

Re-imagining Waste

Re-imagining Waste, Hackathon, IISC, Bangalore, Soil and Soul Foundation

We along with various contributors have been organizing Hackathons every year to effectively address Waste Management issues in Bangalore.

The first such Hackathon was conducted in 2016. Approximately 300 participants from different walks of life came together to solve the city’s biggest problem - Waste! 


Hackathons span over a period of 2 weeks and are facilitated using the Design Thinking Framework. Participants undertake field trips, debate, build prototypes and present the solutions to solve the problem. Selected ideas & projects are incubated at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) for further development.

Driven by its success, Hackathon has been a yearly event since then. Soil and Soul coordinates the efforts & we have been successful in turning the entire event a ‘Zero-Waste’ event!


Desi Market

Ragi Kana, Desi Marketplace, Bangalore, Soil and Soul Foundation

Ragi Kana is derived from two Kannada words - Ragi (finger millet) and Kana (storage). Symbolically it stands for village economy, abundance, and co-operation. The idea was conceived by Grama Seva Sangha, to bring urban consumers with rural producers on a common platform. A Desi Marketplace was set up in Bangalore to function during the weekend. 


Under the banner of Ragi Kana rural Producers, Weavers and Farmers bring their goods to sell The items include -  Handloom, Khadi, Vegetables, Fruits, Handicrafts, Grocery, etc. While producers get a fair price for their produce, buyers get genuine items. Apart from providing the market linkage, the initiative also showcases village arts & culture.


Ragi Kana has been a successful event and gaining popularity since May 2017. Soil and Soul has been an integral part of this initiative from its inception.

Skill Development

Skill Development Program, North East India, Assam, Women, Farmers, Soil and Soul Foundation

ICCO India, through a network of partners & alliances, works in the areas of Fair & Sustainable Development, Fair Climate, Food Security, and Upliftment of the underprivileged. ICCO invited Soil and Soul to help in Skill Development & Capacity Building for the chosen set of beneficiaries from the North Eastern States.


The group comprised mostly of women who were marginal farmers, weavers, and fishermen. Due to demographic conditions, the farmers can grow only 1 crop per year (almost 6 months of idle time). Further, the region is prone to floods causing topsoil erosion, frequent landslides, and inaccessibility during rains. Rural-to-urban migration has led to a lack of labor & resource. Therefore, the need for additional source/s of income to sustain.


Soil and Soul conducted a series of interactions, experiential learning workshops for a chosen group near Guwahati. The group was taught how to make products such as bioenzymes, cleaners, laundry wash, soaps, mosquito repellents, etc from the locally available raw materials. The outcome has been encouraging and will be replicated across the North Eastern States

Frankfurt University

Talk at Franfurt University of Applied Science by Soil and Soul Foundation

The Frankfurt University of Applied Science invited Soil and Soul to deliver a workshop on Sustainable Alternatives at their campus in Frankfurt, Germany.

Mechanical Engineering students attended the session to understand the issues concerning Waste and Sustainable choices. Knowledge Transfer sessions were conducted on how to prepare bioenzymes and their application.

Police Training Center

Police Training Center, Indore, Women, Program delivered by Soil and Soul Foundation

Soil and Soul successfully delivered Waste Management & Personal Hygiene workshops for women cadets. Around 2000 women were trained at Police Training Center at Indore.


Participants learned how to maintain health and hygiene during the menstruation period whilst on field duty. The group was introduced to Sustainable lifestyles and alternative choices.

CSR Program for Corporates

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Programs facilitated by Soil and Soul Foundation

Round-Table, Workshops, Experiential Learning, Volunteering Programs for multiple organizations in alignment with their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

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