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Meet the Team

Call it universal design or a mere coincidence.
Our love towards Mother Earth has brought us all together. 
Cutting across boundaries and expertise, we are united with one simple Mission :
'to positively impact the society, we live in'

Priti Rao, Founder of Soil and Soul



A Postgraduate in Marketing from Bangalore University, Priti is the Founder & driving force behind Soil and Soul Foundation. With two decades of work experience, Priti is a Sustainability practitioner and Yoga teacher. She holds a black belt in karate and has won a National gold medal for flying & aero-modeling. Priti loves traveling, teaching, and connecting with people.

Dr. Swapan Garain, Trustee of Soil and Soul Founndation



Dr. Garain, is an illuminated academician with Sr Fellow (Johns Hopkins), PhD (JBIMS), MA (TISS), BSW (VisvaBharati), DIM (IGNOU) . With more than 4 decades of experience, he is engaged in setting up foundations, guiding CSR initiatives, policy making & mentoring social entrepreneurs.  Dr. Swapan Garain is the guiding light for Soil and Soul Foundation.

Devanand, Trustee of Soil and Soul Founndation, Bihar School of Yoga



Devanand is a Master of Yoga from Bihar School of Yoga. With more than 20 years of experience, he has trained thousands of students & seekers worldwide. Being a Founding Trustee of Soil and Soul Foundation, he brings yoga & spirituality combines it with nature - a wholesome approach to Sustainability.

Climus, Trustee of Soil and Soul Founndation



An ardent practitioner of Yoga and Naturopathy, Climus works with farmers' co-operatives. With his immense knowledge on agriculture and practices in India, he  specializes in matters concerning Policy Making.  A Founding Trustee of Soil and Soul Foundation, Climus actively contributes in developing local circular economy.

Amit Sekar, Contributor at Soil and Soul Founndation



Amit left his cushy job as a banker and returned to his roots in Bihar. He is a grass-root level social worker and a people person.  Driven by his love for river Ganga, Amit is the Founder of Ganganjali, a local river welfare group. Amit is responsible for leading the effort on ground for our ambitious riverbank restoration project - Mission 10 Lac. 

Rupa Kukke, Contributor at Soil and Soul Founndation



Nearly 20 years of experience working with SME and Corporates, Rupa firmly believes in natural alternatives. She is focused on developing eco-systems that create employment through empowerment.  Her passion - chemical free living. Rupa is instrumental in directing operations of Soil and Soul Foundation.

Swapa Muthe, Contributor at Soil and Soul Founndation



After completing her MBA Finance from Manipal University, Swapna went on to. work in the Animation industry for more than 10 years. She is an active social worker and nature enthusiast.  Swapna’s love for the planet connected her to Soil and Soul whose philosophy is to live in harmony with the nature.


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