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Solving Macro challenges
with Micro solutions

Our country is being polluted faster than ever before. This is adversely affecting the health and safety of our people.

Let’s face it, the situation is grim. India with its 1.2 Billion population is staring at an imminent environmental crisis. We are sitting on a ticking time-bomb!

We at Soil and Soul Foundation, believe Awareness, time-bound & credible large-scale actions can only save our country. Our experience shows - awareness about the problem and motivation for action can drastically reduce pollution. This applies well for managing one’s waste or caring for the surrounding environment.


We have created several programs ranging from Awareness, Advisory, Program Design to Implementation. We also have innovated a handful of earth-friendly alternatives that can easily replace many chemical-based products in any household. Our products are 100% natural, handcrafted and safe.

We have trained women, self-help groups, farmers & autistic persons to produce some of these products. Soil and Soul Foundation is not funded by any Govt or any other party. Most of our projects are either sponsored or crowd-funded. For our sustenance, we offer both products and services to our stakeholders.

When you buy earth-friendly alternatives from us, you are not only ensuring health and safety for your family but also helping the livelihoods & supporting an environmental cause! If you are an organization looking for collaboration or a corporate wanting to judiciously utilize your CSR fund, we can surely be of help!


Our only agenda: Ecological restoration using Sustainable alternatives.


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