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The Founder

After working for more than a decade, Priti Rao declared herself to be unfit to work for corporates. She spent three years traveling and saw environmental degradation first hand. After the birth of her child & a stint abroad, she returned to Bangalore on a Mission

Priti Rao, Founder of Soil and Soul

Upon returning to Bangalore in 2007, Priti turned her attention to understanding the impact of development on the environment and sustainability.


Soon, she started growing vegetables on her tiny terrace. Installed a bio-gas plant that converted wet waste into cooking gas. Started composting & making manure. Installed Solar panels to generate electricity. Harvested rainwater. Discovered the use of bio-enzymes & stopped using chemical-based cleaners at home. Started consuming less, reduced buying anything that came in plastic, etc. With these simple practices, she not only reduced dependency on the market but also our carbon footprint. Motivated by her limited success, she wanted to help others lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Thus, Soil and Soul was born!


Fourteen years later, Soil and Soul, has revived many water bodies in India, imparted environmental education, delivered CSR programs for corporates, took up stewardship to encourage enthusiasts,  created a handful of earth-friendly alternatives... Above all, contributed positively to the society we live in.

Priti Rao training children in Sikkim, India

Priti loves to educate people about the environment. She has been experimenting with bio-enzymes for over a decade now. She has open sourced the knowledge and learning about bio-enzymes and their application.  Her work has been covered by print & electronic media in India. Priti dreams of establishing a Center of Excellence for sustainability, one day!

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